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The Pope Benedict XVI Institute of Regensburg, Germany

Pope Benedict XVI has asked the Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, to have his collected writings published by Herder Verlag in a 16-volume series titled “Joseph Ratzinger. Gesammelte Schriften”. The 16 volume series is also slated for publication in English by Ignatius Press.
Bishop Müller founded the Pope Benedict XVI Institute (Institut-Papst-Benedikt XVI.), whose main mission will be to compile and make available to scholars all of the published and unpublished writings of the theologian, bishop and pope Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, as well as all relevant biographical and theological writings. 
The Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Jean-Claude Périsset inaugurated the Institute on 17 March 2008 by consecrating its rooms. The Institute was then formally established via adoption and publication of its bylaws. 
The Institute operates under the aegis of the diocese of Regensburg, which also sponsors and finances it. Bishop Müller named Prof. Dr. Rudolf Voderholzer as founding director of the Institute. Dr. Christian Schaller is deputy director of the Institute, whose activities he coordinates on site.



Caption: On 15 May 2008 Pope Benedict XVI held a private audience at the Vatican with Bishop Müller, Father Voderholzer and Dr. Schaller, who briefed the Pope on the activities of the Pope Benedict XVI Institute in Regensburg. During this meeting, the Holy Father gave the go ahead for publication of the first volume of his collected writings (volume 11 in the series; see publication schedule). Photo: Vatican